Ultimate Guide in Choosing Wall Paint Color for an Office

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Our daily lives are influenced by color far more than we realize.

Over 89% of professionals believe that workplace decor and design are essential in improving their productivity and increasing their job satisfaction. This is why it is important to consider your office paint colors and decoration project seriously.

Keep in mind that the office is where people spend most of their time, second to their homes. Hence, it is vital to create a work environment that boosts morale and increases creativity. A professional, attractive office decoration or wall paint color can help you achieve this.

There is no set color for office walls. But it is crucial to select shades that are positive and can leave a lasting impression on clients, vendors, and stakeholders who visit your workplace. However, it takes planning, preparation, and research to make the right decision in choosing wall paint colors for your office space.

Factors to Consider in Choosing Wall Paint Colors

So, how do you choose a wall paint color for an office? It can be challenging to choose the right paint color because there are many wall paint color ideas available, and it can be hard to decide which one will best suit your needs. However, it becomes easier to choose the right tone when considering a few guidelines.

1. Outline the usage of the space

Specific colors work better in some industries than others. For professional environments like offices and banks, subtle tones such as white and gray are ideal. Retail stores often prefer bolder colors, such as red and orange.

2. Assess the lighting on the space

Your choice of office paint colors will be affected by the light. Lighter tones might be best for rooms with limited natural light, while you can use darker tones in rooms with a lot of natural light. It would help if you also considered how light affects the appearance of some colors.

3. Consider the color impact

Feng Shui, an ancient Chinese philosophy that helps you in choosing wall paint colors for your workplace, can be used to help you do this. Feng Shui recognizes the psychological effects colors have on visitors and workers. Blue and black, for example, are thought to support inner work and help people concentrate. It is believed that red supports life energy while green promotes growth and decisiveness.

4. Proper colors will depend on the size of your space

You can use lighter colors to open up tight spaces. Use darker colors if you have a wide space you wish to make intimate. You can also make any space feel cozier by using darker colors.

5. Desired temperature in the space

You can choose colors that are hot or cold, and everything in-between. Orange, yellow, peach and red are good choices to warm-up some spaces. If you are looking to cool down your space? You might consider light blue or light-colored green.

What is Color Psychology?

The psychological power of color can profoundly affect how we feel about things and how we see them. This is why a person’s favorite colors can reveal their personality.

Likewise, the power of color psychology directly affects our physical health, such as certain hues can increase blood pressure or boost metabolism.

Additionally, the effective use of colors in the workplace goes hand in hand with exemplary ergonomics to create a harmonious and productive environment.

Office Color Psychology: The Effects of Paint Colors


A hue in the blue family is a winning choice if you work in an industry that requires employees to be focused, calm, and at their best. Blue is associated most strongly with stimulating the mind and creating an environment where employees can be more productive. It is a color that affects us mentally and can create physical states such as calm, tranquility, and relaxation.


Green is another color that can bring calm. This is natural because there is balance in nature, which is the reason green is so easy on the eyes. This color can also be associated with reassurance and balance.

The financial industry has recognized that green is a sign of growth. There are many shades of green that you can use across different industries.


Yellow is associated with optimism and innovation. It is a vibrant color that can brighten spirits and stimulate creativity. It is often used as an accent color in offices that encourage employees to think outside the box.


Orange is often associated with vitamin A and health. Orange is not an aggressive shade, even though it is one of the most popular tones. Orange is believed to stimulate the brain due to its ability to increase oxygen supply to our frontal lobes.

This color would make an excellent choice for your office’s communal area or relaxed meeting room.


The color red is all about intensity. Although it is not the color you would choose to paint all four walls of a room with, it can be essential in many environments. There have been many studies that show red can increase heart rate and blood flow. If your job requires you to be mentally alert, red should be your productivity color.


Purple is a combination of emotions associated with blue and red, making it a popular choice for spaces where productivity and energy are essential. You can use purple paints to add sophistication to your space.


Brown’s earthy tone offers warmth and seriousness in various settings, from masculinity to reliability. Brown can be a mood-saver and even bring down a space. It can be used in conjunction with natural wood, such as wainscotting and richly colored border trim, to make a space feel more powerful.

Brown is used in law offices and by people who work in areas that require warmth, security, and safety.


White can transform a space into modern, clean, simple, and elegant. You can add softness to your interior with off-white colors like egg shells. A small space can feel more prominent, while a dark, gloomy room becomes more livable by adding white. White is a popular choice for health care facilities, laboratories, charitable organizations, and other institutions. White is also safe if you prefer to keep your color scheme neutral.

Liven Up your Office with the Right Colors From Jeff Schultz Painting.

Choosing the right wall paint color for an office space is not straightforward. However, house painters in Sarasota, FL, can make it easy for you because they have the expertise in transforming any space to set the right vibe and ambiance that your office needs.

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