Give Your Property a New Look with Professional Commercial Painting Services

If you have a business you want to start, the first thing that you usually do is look for a place to set up shop. Before buying all the furniture and equipment, you want to make sure that the space or building is ready, which includes being properly painted or repainted if it’s looking especially worn out or faded. Not only does it become more attractive and inviting to customers; it also raises the value of your property.

What Is Commercial Painting?

Commercial painting is a business-to-business painting endeavor. This usually involves the painting of commercial properties like buildings, which are trickier and more tiresome to paint than, say, your typical home. Commercial building painting usually requires seasoned pros and people who really specialize in this line of work to do the job.

The customer’s perception of your place of business is really important, as it could be the difference between them buying your products and services or going somewhere else. A paint job that’s aesthetically pleasing can attract customers. Conversely, a paint job that looks shoddy could discourage them. Because of its importance, working with good commercial painting contractors is a must.

Why Hire a Professional Painting Company for Commercial Building Painting?

1. Commercial painting contractors are experts at large projects.

Commercial painters work mostly on bigger projects. As such, they have ample expertise and experience with regards to working with different sizes of buildings and the surfaces to be painted. They have a wide range of knowledge on the types of materials to use and which ones are best for the type of commercial establishment that you have. Clients can therefore expect a high-quality output. Contractors are also usually updated on the latest trends and patterns in painting, and they pass that knowledge on to you when they work with you.

2. Commercial painting contractors are flexible.

Depending on the type of client, painting cannot just be done anytime, especially if the business operates during the day. Most businesses prefer painting during the night, after hours. A professional commercial painting company, compared to regular painters, should be able to adjust to your schedule, with available workers and equipment that will allow it to do so.

3. Commercial painting contractors can give you an estimate.

If you’re a business owner, one of the first questions that should come to mind is how much it’ll cost to paint the exterior of a commercial building. Not every painter can determine the price right away. Most finish the work first and then give you the bill. This isn’t the most advantageous for companies on a tight budget. Professional commercial painting companies, owing to their expertise in their line of work and their knowledge of how to bid commercial painting jobs, are able to give you an estimate of how much the cost would be for the job, up front. Of course, the amount would highly depend on how big the establishment is and the quality of the materials to be used.

Types of Painting Jobs

Exterior Painting

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Exterior Painting

This is the most common commercial painting job. Usually, this involves the outer walls of a building, the first part of your store a customer will see. Professional contractors should be able to choose the right type of paint they need, to ensure that it lasts long despite any changes in the weather. Based on the area, contractors can also help you in choosing the right color and style for your business. It can either match the surrounding area so that it looks uniform and complementary, or it can be different enough to stand out.

Interior Painting

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Interior Painting

This job requires more precision and delicate preparation. As such, it is also more time consuming. This type of job requires adequate preparation for your interior walls, as well as covering and protecting surfaces or items like furniture, electronic equipment, or even the floors. After work is complete, the company should thoroughly clean to ensure the area can be immediately put to use. In most cases, a company has closed off the area during regular operation and needs to resume as soon as possible.

Establishments That Need Paint Jobs

If you are an owner of any of these and you are planning for a repainting, contact Jeff Schultz Painting today. Jeff Schultz is a professional commercial painting company who has, since 1988, provided multiple clients with the best painting experience they can find. We offer outstanding customer service, guaranteed work, and stunning results. Get in touch with us to go over the details and get a free quotation!


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