Professional Painters in Sarasota, FL

Enhance the overall appeal of your property, whether residential or commercial, by hiring professional painters.

Setting the vibe and ambiance of your residential or commercial property is as easy as painting it with the right colors.

It’s a great way to transform any space, whether an old residential apartment or a newly-built commercial establishment. However, painting is a job that requires expertise and attention to detail. It’s best to entrust it to professional painting contractors to ensure top-notch quality results.
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Professional painters are well-equipped with tools and instruments to provide reliable services. From prepping to tapping to the finishing touches, they focus on every detail and strive for perfection. Hiring them doesn’t only guarantee an aesthetically pleasing home or office, it also helps in preserving the curb appeal of your property.

At Jeff Schultz Painting, we have a team of skilled Sarasota painters. We can help you transform your residential or commercial property with our professional painting services. Whether you want to blend in with your neighborhood or stand out among your business competitors, our team can help you achieve your goal through exceptional painting.


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Jeff Schultz Painting is the highest rated Angie’s List interior and exterior professional painting service in the Sarasota, Florida area
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Who We Are

Jeff Schultz Painting is a Sarasota-based full-service painting contractor established in 1988. We specialize in providing services to commercial and residential properties, including high-rise buildings, housing projects, churches, stores, warehouses, education facilities, and offices. Our team of skilled commercial and house painters in Sarasota, FL, also serves Bradenton and the Gulf Coast.

What Matters To Us

At Jeff Schultz Painting, we believe that painting does more than beautify a space. For residential properties, it adds character and texture. It also helps set the mood in different areas of the home, such as bedrooms, living rooms, and kitchens. On the other hand, painting helps build a business’s corporate image for commercial properties. It helps make a positive impression on prospective clients or customers.

As a trusted painting contractor, we make everything convenient for our clients by providing outstanding customer service. We will prioritize your preferences and interests in each step of the painting process.

What We Do

Our team of well-experienced painters at Jeff Schultz Painting has the required experience, knowledge, and training to provide high-quality exterior and interior painting. We help residential and commercial property owners choose the right type and color of paint by keeping in mind the essential factors that include the weather, use of space, and ambient lighting condition.

Aside from painting, our team also provides other services, such as:

  • Pressure Washing
  • Wallpaper Removal

How We Do It

Having been in the industry since 1988, we can assure you that we have superior expertise when it comes to painting. With more than three decades’ worth of experience, we have learned the ins and outs of residential and commercial painting. We go the extra mile for our clients by investing in state-of-the-art equipment. With these tools, our team upholds the highest degree of quality in our work.

Jeffs Chultz Painting

Services Includes

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When looking for a well-experienced painter in Sarasota, Florida, Jeff Schultz Painting is the one to call.

Don’t hesitate to contact us should you have inquiries regarding our painting services. We look forward to helping you enhance the look of your property. Give us a call today!