Tips to Painting a Front Door for a Pro Level Polish

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The first thing a visitor notices about your house is its front door.

When it comes to your home’s exterior, painting your front door may make a huge difference. However, painting a front door isn’t extremely challenging, and you don’t need to hire a professional to accomplish it. You can transform your front door into a work of art with a bit of planning and the correct instructions. Remember that painting a home’s front door will improve its curb appeal.

Tips on Painting Your Front Door

If you’re planning to paint your front door anytime soon, here are some viable tips to guide you on what type of paints for front door to use and the steps to do the project :

1. Choose the best color for your front door.

The amount of paint required to paint one prepped exterior door is at least one quart. Ensure that the container should be labeled “exterior paint” and not “interior paint.” When painting a front door, you’ll need paint that is both mold-resistant and weather-resistant. Acrylic resin or latex-based semi-gloss exterior door paint is the most common kind you can opt for door painting.

The most popular type of exterior paint is latex-based, as it is the most flexible. It fills up greater surface flaws and prevents cracking and flaking. For the home’s exterior, a semi-gloss paint is a popular choice because it is easy to maintain and complements the other colors on the house’s facade.

Additionally, there are all-in-one exterior paints that don’t require the use of a primer. Although, It’s possible to find oil-based exterior paint in a wide range of colors, with a high-gloss finish that makes the design stand out. Also, it dries quickly and resists chipping better than water-based front door paints.

2. Sand off the old house door.

In most cases, sanding and priming are required on old wood doors. Scrape off any flaking bits and sand down the previous paint until the door’s surface feels even to get a clean working surface. Start with 120-grit sandpaper and work your way up to 220-grit sandpaper as you progress. You can use 320-grit paper if the door still has a rough texture. Do note that sanding door paint requires the use of safety goggles and a dust mask.

However, if the door is cracked, use a putty knife and a bit of caulk to patch the cracks. After the caulk dries, sand the mended areas until they’re perfectly level.

Before priming, make sure all sanding dust has been removed. You can use a tack cloth to clean the door after vacuuming the extra dust. During door painting, you should be cautious not to press too hard, or you may damage the door’s surface.

3. Prime your door.

Priming should be done before painting a front door unless the paint doesn’t require it. Prime all six sides of your front door using the appropriate primer. Apply primer to all six sides of the door, including the inside, outside, left, and right edges, and the top and bottom.

Using an adequate primer will ensure that the paint will stick to the surface. Moreover, applying an undercoat will provide a medium coating that will provide the new color intensity and help to cover over previously painted surfaces.

Apply a single coat with a broad paintbrush to the front and sides of the door. The primer helps smoothen the front door paint texture and prevents the paint from absorbing moisture. Moreover, to smoothen the primer’s surface, lightly sand it if it drips or gets too thick. After the primer has dried on your front door, flip the door over and prime the back.

4. Tape the doorknob and hinges to protect your precious hardware.

The door hardware that you should not paint over is the knobs, hinges, and hinge pins, which should be sealed off with high-quality painter’s tape once the surface has been thoroughly cleaned and dried.

5. Apply the front door paint.

Mix the paint after the primer has dried completely when painting a front door. You can apply the front door paint from the top using a broad brush to fill in nooks and crannies and a smaller roller to paint flat panels. You should use the brush to create long strokes on the door. Finally, use a moist cloth to remove any remaining smudges. Like the primer, let the doors dry completely before moving on to the next part.

For great results in your door painting project, you should apply at least two coats of paint for a more saturated color. You can use three or four coats if you need to add more color.

You should continue the process until you have applied another coat of paint. You will need to paint the door several times for a professional finish.

Is it possible to paint the door in its original position? Experts say that part of knowing how to paint a front door means keeping it open while the paint dries. The door should not be closed too quickly as the paint may stick to the door frame. Before installing the hardware again, ensure that the door is completely dry.

Paint your front door using a brush and a roller for best results. You can use a roller as a door painter for larger areas, while a paintbrush is used for the small details. For a hand-painted finish, use a brush for the last coat.

Key Takeaway

The bottom line is that painting a front door is a straightforward task. Also, it could be a fun weekend activity you can do with the family. However, the best way to get a professional-looking door painting job done is to consider the tips mentioned above before starting your project. However, if you’re not confident taking the DIY route, it would be best to leave the job to the professional door painters.

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