Painting Hacks for People Who Love to DIY

Painting Hacks for People Who Love to DIY

There’s nothing more visually appealing than an interior styled well — and we’ll teach you how the pros do it.

Having been in the painting industry for over 35 years, we at Jeff Schultz Painting are trusted by homeowners and business owners alike for every interior and exterior painting need. We utilize the most advanced techniques in the biz, and we’ve got a few tricks of our own up our sleeve. Our mettle-tested DIY painting hacks will make painting your walls an activity worth freeing your day for. No matter which room you’re redecorating, we’ve got you covered. Whip your rollers, paintbrushes, and paint cans out because it’s time to get to work!

Hack #1: Freeze your paint rollers and paintbrushes in a plastic bag.

If you’re done for the day but plan on resuming work the following morning, wrap your brushes and rollers inside a plastic bag, and store them in the freezer. Doing this will save valuable cleaning and prepping time. Once you’ve thawed them out, they’ll be ready to go in a snap. It’ll be as if you never even took a 12-hour break.

Hack #2: Use a work light.

Using a work light on grand-scale DIY painting provides better color accuracy and visual presence while decorating when natural light is out of the question. For the detail-obsessive artists, owning a work light is a lifesaver. Shining the work light on certain areas where different painting techniques were used might even reveal imperfections on the coat you wouldn’t have otherwise seen.

Hack #3: Begin from top to bottom.

This DIY interior painting tip is crucial for avoiding paint splatter and dripping. By starting from the top, you can avoid the mess that comes with going the opposite direction when wet paint starts ruining the semi-dry coats you just finished. It’s easy, convenient, and provides the consistency you want.

Hack #4: Use painter’s tape instead of masking tape.

Using tape to protect the edges of your walls from excess paint is a must-do. If you plan on using masking tape, however, we recommend opting for painter’s tape instead. It won’t leave behind sticky residue like masking tape. Additionally, painter’s tape doesn’t allow paint to bleed through, creating a clean finish that doesn’t require any unnecessary post-work cleanup.

Hack #5: Opt for a paint extender.

By mixing your can of paint with a paint conditioner, you avoid the threat of brush and lap marks altogether. Plus, the longer drying time it provides gives you more than enough time to remedy any mistakes.

Hack #6: Wrap a rubber band around the can of paint.

Don’t need a large amount of paint? Tightly secure a rubber band around the can to remove excess paint from your brush or roller without any mess. Doing this will help prevent accidental dripping from happening, letting you work with accurate and precise results.

Hack #7: Use tinted paint.

Another hack is to use a tinted primer instead of a standard white primer. It has better coverage when covering up old paint left on your walls. You’ll also notice that your wall will appear more vibrant than usual, even with just a few coats. Tinted primers are best for red or orange walls; you only need one or two coats to cover them up effectively.

Hack #8: Don’t tape the windows.

This hack is tried and tested by professionals. Don’t put tape on your windows. The paint will only bleed through and stain the glass. Just leave them be. You can let any paint mess dry and scrape it off with a blade afterward.

Hack #9: Clean the surface thoroughly.

Newbies typically skip this step thinking it doesn’t affect the final output; however, professional painters know how vital a polished surface is to a flawless paint job. Painting on a dirty surface with old paint residue will only result in peeling, and the paint won’t properly bond with the wall.

Keep an eye on any chips, cracks, flaking, and peeling. Sand, scrape, and wash the surface. You can also use a chemical cleaner to eliminate dust and stains. For holes and cracks, use epoxy or putty to cover them up.

With our DIY interior painting tips, why don’t you put them to the test? If you need additional help for heavy paint jobs and are looking for a residential painter in Sarasota, FL, consult the experts. Jeff Schultz Painting will take the burden off your shoulders and transform any room into a walk-in work-of-art. Contact us today, and get a free painting estimate online. We can’t wait to serve you.

Jeff Schultz

Jeff Schultz

Jeff Schultz is a skilled painting contractor with more than 35 years of experience. Since 1988, he's been offering top-notch painting services for homes and businesses in Sarasota, Bradenton, and along the Gulf Coast. Jeff knows how to choose the right paint for the area's weather, making sure the paint job lasts. His team can paint many different types of buildings, like high-rises, offices, churches, and more, without causing much disruption. Jeff's goal is to give the best painting service around, with great customer care, reliable work, and excellent results.

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Jeff is a professional interior and exterior painting contractor with over 35 years of experience.

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