Is Semi-Gloss Paint, Flat Paint or Satin Paint best for your paint project?

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Jeffs Chultz Painting

Before you buy paint for your project, you need to determine which paint is best for your project.

In Florida’s sunny climate you need to determine when your project is ready to update. The three most popular choices are Semi-Gloss Paint, Flat Paint, and Eggshell Paint. There are pros and cons to all three.

FLAT PAINT for interior walls:

Flat paint has a Matte texture and it does not reflect light like a semi-gloss paint. Because it reflects light, it helps hide any interior wall imperfections. The benefit is it helps hide older interior wall imperfections like dings, cracks and wall tape. If wall damage is significant, it is better to repair interior walls prior to painting. Thus flat paint is the most popular paint choice in older homes. The cons are it doesn’t hold up well to scrubbing. However, many flat paints can be cleaned up with soap and water rather easily.

SEMI-GLOSS PAINT for interior walls:

Semi-gloss paint has some sheen to it. This is an excellent choice for rooms like bathrooms and kitchens. Semi-gloss paint stands up exceptionally well to scrubbing interior walls and regular cleaning. It does not reflect light as well and interior wall imperfections like cracks and poorly patched areas may stand out. Semi-gloss paint has a slippery surface and it is easier to wipe clean.

EGGSHELL PAINT for interior walls:

An eggshell finish has a subtler shine to it, so it’s a great choice if you’re not ready for satin. As such, it offers what you may expect: It is shinier than flat paint but not as glossy for interior walls as satin, and it’s easier to clean interior walls than flat paint. It is not as easy to clean as satin paint. Eggshell paint is a good choice for living rooms and hallways. Eggshell finishes are not the ideal option where you will need to wipe the wall daily. Thus eggshell paint is known to be used in living rooms, hallways, bedrooms and dining rooms. Our painting professionals can discuss whether flat or semi-gloss paint or eggshell paint is the best choice for your walls with you during your FREE consultation. We will help you consider what is best for your project.

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