Everything You Need to Know About How Room Paint Colors Affect Mood

Everything You Need to Know About How Room Paint Colors Affect Mood

It’s always fun to choose the best paint color for your bathroom, bedroom, dining, and living room. However, there are specific colors that fit each space. If you don’t have any idea about colors to paint a room for mood, keep reading!

1. Blue

The color blue will remind you of the skies. It has a calming effect on many. You’ll feel relaxed, centered, and serene when color surrounds you. Blue is the perfect choice for your bedroom and bathroom. It is soothing and said to help in lowering your blood pressure level. They say that those who love blue are thoughtful and loyal.

2. Purple

This color gives a sophisticated drama vibe to it. Long before, purple was considered to be the color of luxury and royalty. If you need to come up with something, this color will spark your creative side. Apart from that, it is mysterious and romantic. Purple can be the perfect paint color for your living room, home office, and bedroom. However, we recommend that you opt for lighter shades of purple for your bedrooms, like lilac or lavender.

3. Yellow

The color yellow depicts energy. You’ll feel energized while cooking your favorite dishes. It also radiates happiness making it the perfect color for your kitchen. Being the color of the sun, you’ll feel lively and joyful all the time. Yellow can also be the paint color of your bathroom, living room, and dining room.

4. White

If you want something classic, the color white is the finest choice for you. White is a timeless color and is perfect for any room. It is also a neutral color that gives off the vibes of purity and cleanliness. If you feel like the color white has no kick to it, you can level it up through your home decorations. Also, it can make your room look bigger.

5. Green

Now that you know the link between paint colors and mood, it’s time to shake the paint color up in your home office. The color green depicts prosperity. It also minimizes anxiety. Green will also remind you of nature and will have you feeling calm and balanced. If your eyes are exhausted from looking at your computer screen, the color green can relieve the eye strain if you stare at it for quite some time.

6. Black

This color is not included in the list of colors to paint a room for mood, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t use it in combination with other colors. The color black is perfect as an accent to every room to give it a little more edge. It gives depth to the color in your room.

7. Orange

Aside from yellow, orange is also an excellent color for your kitchen. Orange can refresh your appetite. Also, you can paint your gym room with this. Orange can enthuse you to exercise. It is an exciting color that will leave you energized. Orange is also considered fruitful and wholesome. They say that people who love the color orange are friendly.

8. Red

This color is perfect for rooms used in socializing. Red is the color of excitement, energy, and confidence. However, the color red is often associated with rage and irritability. Unlike the color blue that lowers blood pressure, the color red is the opposite. Red is the perfect color choice for the living room, entrance, or dining rooms.

9. Pink

Have you ever heard of the Pink Effect? When you’re surrounded by pink, they say that it has calming effects and will have you feeling serene in no time. Pink can relieve irritability and anger. This color is also associated with kindness and love, making it the perfect paint color for the nursery, bedroom, and office.

Now that you know the answer to, “How does paint color affect mood?” Maybe it’s time that you consider repainting your home. You’ll appreciate it once it is done. We also recommend that you hire professionals to do it for you.

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