Boost Your Property’s Value With These House Paint Colors

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Color can influence the atmosphere and tone of your home. It can also evoke emotions and memories.

If you are considering selling your house, you can make your home more attractive to buyers by updating your house paint colors.

Painting your home can take time and money. But you could reap significant rewards if you select the right paint colors for your house. You can also increase the value of your home by choosing the right exterior house paint colors. Ideally, the exterior is the best place for adding color to your home. In addition, use modern house colors for your shutters, window flower boxes, or statement doors.

While colors of a house’s exterior features and interior rooms can impact its value and appeal. It is also essential to know which paint colors can increase a home’s market value.

Paint Colors to Boost Your Property’s Value

1. White

The color white is excellent for kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms, and exterior.
Furthermore, it is the perfect color for brightening your home and making spaces feel larger and more inviting. It is the only actual color that increases your home’s worth.

It’s easier for potential buyers to visualize themselves in a space if the paint color is neutral, such as a warm white. When you paint your home a neutral interior house paint color, it will appear more extensive and more like a blank canvas, making it more appealing to potential buyers.

2. Cream

If you are on the fence on what color to paint your house, cream is always a great go-to contemporary paint color. Cream, a warmer shade than white, adds warmth and a feeling of comfort to a space. It can also increase the perceived value of a property by a few thousand.

This color is ideal for bedrooms, living rooms, and kitchens.

3. Light Blue

Light blue has proven to be the most preferred interior house paint color for a bathroom because it increases the value of a home. Do note that bathrooms are places where homeowners want to feel calm; any hue that contributes to that sense instantly raises the value of the space. In addition, it is regarded to be a pleasant color that evokes sentiments of peace and tranquility.

4. Greige

Gray and beige are excellent neutral house paint colors to paint interiors with. Greige is a good alternative if you don’t know which one to choose. Remember that greige, which you can use in place of white or gray, adds elegance to interiors and a sense of sophistication. This color is perfect for your living room, bedroom, and exteriors.

Color to Avoid that Decreases the Value of Your Home

1. Slate Gray

Gray is a popular paint color. However, you must be careful when choosing the right shade, as it can make or break your home’s aesthetic appeal and value by choosing the wrong shade of gray.

2. Off-White

Homes with eggshell or off-white kitchens sold for less than their prevailing market price. This is the most shocking of the four colors. According to studies, off-white can make spaces feel flat or dead in certain areas (especially in kitchens).

3. Terracotta

The value of your home could be affected by bold modern house colors like this. Statistics show that sold homes in the market with terracotta-colored living areas were sold for less than what was expected.

4. Dark Brown

This has been referred to as a dirty and dull paint color for houses. When used in a bathroom or bedroom, it reduces energy and negatively affects a person’s perspective. Unfortunately, dark brown lowers your home’s value compared to other paint colors.

Tips to Consider When Choosing Paint Colors

1. Don’t use bright colors.

There are rare occasions when a bright house exterior is the best. Bright homes are often a personal choice. These bright homes can be challenging to sell and aren’t a good option for the average buyer. A bright accent color on the shutters or front door can be a great idea, but the exterior house paint colors should remain neutral.

2. Use black paint color for your door.

According to a recent survey, a black front door increases the value of your home by 2.9 percent.

3. Avoid yellow.

We all loved a sunny house when we were kids, but now it’s advisable to steer clear of this hue. Keep in mind that bright colors may ruin the curb appeal of your property.

4. Try sage green.

Another excellent choice for exteriors is sage green. Sage green is a great option for adding a touch of color but not overpowering. It blends well with existing landscaping and has a natural look.

5. Keep your home’s style in mind.

Exterior paint colors are not universally applicable. You need to think about the location and how it will look to determine the best exterior paint color. First, consider the architecture of the home. One of the best house paint colors palette for a home is the one that suits its architectural style.

6. Do not be too bold.

Bold exterior color schemes are on the rise. This includes reds, blues, yellows, pale greens, and yellows. However, it is essential to consider safe choices that appeal to any buyer, regardless of age, ethnicity, or other factors. It will be harder to please all potential buyers if you used bold paint colors for your house.

Key Takeaway

These paint colors are currently the hottest trend. However, there may be new colors that will take over in the years to come. So, pay attention to the most recent trends as you prepare to sell your home. Although there may not be an objective answer to the question of which colors are most valuable, staying current will help.

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