Best Paint Colors for Small Rooms

Best Paint Colors for Small Rooms

Among the greatest misconceptions about small spaces is that whites or beiges are your only option for paint colors, but that’s just not true! Small rooms are perfect for all types of color! Several paints can bring depth and character to a small space without making it look or feel dark or gloomy. To help you explore your choices, we’ve created a good list of paint colors for small rooms.


Bedrooms should feel cozy and relaxing, so you want to keep that in mind when thinking of small bedroom paint ideas. For many people, that means more gentle colors like pastels, but it will really depend on your personality, or that of the people sleeping in it.

If you like to keep things light and neutral, try warm tones of beige or blush pink. For cooler shades, go for sky blue, lavender, lilac, or soft gray. To create a bolder appearance, peacock blue is perfect! It’s bright but still quite relaxing.

Living Room

The best color for a small living room is often a bolder paint color. If you want it to be a space filled with energy and lively conversations, go with a brighter hue like bright blue, red, or emerald green.

If you want your living room to be one of your spaces for relaxation, stick to lighter shades like off-white or sage green. However, white works best with a room that has several windows and natural lighting. If yours is enclosed, try gunmetal gray. It can create a sophisticated, neutral look with some intensity that’s not overpowering.


The perfect paint colors for small rooms, including your hallways, will depend on how much light they get throughout the day. For hallways without windows, lighter hues of blue, green, or pastel yellow are ideal, as they can brighten up your space and make it seem bigger. If you have windows, you can choose to have a more dramatic look by using navy blue or purple paints. These darker paint colors for small rooms are perfect, especially for entryways, because they can hide dirt and marks.


Kitchens are lively spaces, so you can have some fun with your color choices. Excellent options include robin’s egg blue, forest green, or bright yellow. If you want to keep it a bit muted, try aqua or mint green. Remember, though, that you’re usually coordinating with cabinetry and countertop colors as well as furniture and accessories.


For a full bathroom that is on a smaller side, you need to pick a shade that opens up the room and makes it look more spacious. Try always to stick to lighter shades in these instances. Some gorgeous choices that will give your bathroom the look of a home spa are cream, icy blue, and very light aqua.

If you are painting a small powder room, choose bolder colors. These spaces don’t need to look bigger, so you can go very bright or dark. Try peony pink, sapphire blue, teal, or a rich, gold-toned peach.

Ready to paint your home with the best paint colors for small rooms? Even when you have your colors chosen, you can leave the heavy lifting to the professionals, even get some input on your choices. Jeff Schultz offers residential painting in Sarasota. We can definitely help you pick the right colors for every space in your home! Let’s give your rooms fresh, new looks. Contact us for a no-obligation estimate today!

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