5 Painting Tricks to Change the Size and Feel of Your Room

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5 Painting Tricks to Change the Size and Feel of Your Room

There are plenty of clever ways to hocus-pocus your way to a larger living space. Most people rely on mirrors to create a chimera of a more spacious home, but it’s not the only answer. There are several painting tricks that you can try to increase the size or improve the overall ambiance of a room.

And no, we don’t mean painting all the walls in your house white. Although it is one of the tried-and-tested methods, you can play with other colors to open up tight spaces in your home.

If you’re curious to learn what paint colors make rooms look bigger, you’re in for a treat. Using color not only jazzes up your interiors but also gives the room an overhaul. It changes the way the room looks while also enhancing the atmosphere. Therefore, using the right colors can also alter the ambiance and make a room cozier and more relaxing. That’s how powerful colors are, which is why it’s essential to know about the following painting tricks should you decide to give your home a facelift.

1. Paint your walls with white, cream, or any light color.  

Before we proceed to new tips that will open your eyes, we’ll start with the one you’re already familiar with. However, you’ll learn to see it in a different light once you know how to take advantage of it fully.

Light colors create an airy ambiance that dark colors cannot. Because of this, they make the room appear larger than it is. Small spaces can be suffocating, so keeping it light is one of the most cost-effective ways to clear up space—no need to worry about making significant structural alterations and the hefty price tag attached to it. You’ll get by with just using simple painting tricks.

Don’t just paint over your walls, also cover the ceiling with a lighter color for a more open room. This technique is ideal for living rooms and kitchen spaces.

2. Add more height to the room with a light-colored ceiling.  

There’s another reason you should keep your ceiling in a light shade. Dark walls contrasted with a light ceiling will give you and your guests an impression of a sky-high ceiling. It’s one of the modern painting techniques that also doubles as an effective mood setter. If you throw in a chandelier, it will complement the illusory high ceiling. Try this in your living room or your home gym.

3. Lower down your ceiling by using dark paint.   

Unfortunately, not everyone likes high ceilings. Picture Downton Abbey’s library. It looks too stiff and distant, right? If you’re struggling to make your home look cozier and warmer, a dark ceiling can do that for you. Low ceilings are suitable for the study to sharpen focus and encourage concentration.

4. Add width to the room.   

What paint colors make rooms look bigger? Sometimes, the color is not the only answer; it’s also how you style it or, better yet, where you put it. Accent walls and ceilings are known to enlarge a space by creating more depth. They’re not only about design, they’re also functional.

5. Create a cozy living space.  

Not everyone is interested in knowing what paint colors make rooms look bigger. It’s best for rooms such as an entertainment room or plain old family room to keep it intimate. Darker paints can quickly warm up the place and add a homey vibe.

Knowing what paint colors make rooms look bigger is one part of the equation. The rest depends on how you use it, especially since some colors are best suited for creating lovely and snug spaces. Hopefully, this article provided you with some helpful painting tricks to change the way you use paint in your home.

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