Why Hire a Professional Painting Contractor When You Can DIY?

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Why Hire a Professional Painting Contractor When You Can DIY

Painting your house sounds exciting, but should you really do it on your own?

It is indeed tempting to choose a paint color, get a roller and paint brush, wear overalls, and give your house a new look by painting everything by yourself. But, it is not as easy as it seems. It looks fun, yet can tire you out. Painting your ceilings and walls is way different than painting a small canvas. It requires skills, tools, and, of course, patience. A lot of patience, actually.

Here’s why you should hire professional painters for your house’s next painting needs:

1. Incomparable Work

While you can paint on your own and still get a satisfying result, the work of painting contractors is way different. It’s always a higher level. Painting is not just swiping brushes up and down. It not just about mixing colors. It’s about mastery and skills. Professional painters are artistic in nature. They know which colors to blend in order to achieve the look that you want. They have certain techniques to make the finished output look great.

2. Time Efficient

What you can DIY in several days can be done by professional painters in a day. Yes, absolutely. The preparation (i.e., moving furniture and wall decor, cleaning the walls, buying supplies), the actual painting itself, and post-painting sessions (i.e., cleaning up and moving back furniture) take up much of your time. When you have an extra (professional) hand with you, you get the job done a lot faster.

Professional painters know exactly what to do while you are spending time trying to figure out what to do next. That alone saves a lot of time and energy on your end.

3. Cost Efficient

Many want to try DIY painting because they think that they could save money. But, what they eventually realize is that there are hidden costs along the way. You would need to buy tools like brushes, rollers, paint, tarps, and tapes. What if you bought the wrong items or the wrong paint color? Or, what if you need to repaint again because it does not look good?

While it may cost you upfront payment for professional painting services, it may turn out cheaper after you consider all the time, effort, and money spent doing it on your own.

4. Safety

Do you have a high ladder that could reach your ceiling well? Struggling to reach your ceiling does not only pose a risk to your safety but also creates a mess. Aside from the height that you need to deal with, there are paints that contain toxic fumes. With professional painters, they know which products are safe to use. They are likewise equipped with protective gear to keep themselves safe.

5. Peace of Mind

Uneven coats and the need to redo everything gives you stress. If you work with the professionals, you do not have to worry about anything else – from choosing colors, to painting, to cleaning the mess afterward. Rest easy, and they will take care of what needs to be done.

Professional Painter vs. DIY

Are you still contemplating whether to hire or not to hire? Here’s what you should consider:

  1. Considering the time from preparation to cleaning up.
    • Moving furniture needs extra muscle if you have heavy ones.
    • Covering furniture to prevent paint dripping.
    • Wiping walls before painting to get good swipes.
    • Searching and fixing the flaws in your walls.
    • Taping everything to get straight lines.
    • Cleaning the mess, and moving the furniture back.
  2. Do you have the tools you need? You need to do research on what exactly you need.
  3. Do you know the best paint brand? How much paint do you need? You also need to research about it.
  4. Do you know the right techniques? You need to research how to do it properly, or you might end up re-doing everything.
  5. Do you experience back pain from time to time? If you are, it could hinder your ability to get the job done correctly.

Painting is not simple, right? It requires physical labor more than just getting the right tools. You will never go wrong when you hire a professional painting company. It benefits you in so many ways. Aside from the obvious saving of time, money, and stress, you get the best results and the new look you have been wanting!

If you are looking for the best residential painter in Sarasota, Jeff Schultz is the name to call! Being in service for over 35 years, we exactly know how to deal with your painting needs. We can take your orders 24/7, and we have design consultants who work with you to craft the exact results you want. Leave the rollers and brushes to us, and we guarantee stunning results. Call us at (941) 374-3672.

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