Ways To Prevent and Fix Paint Wrinkling

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Have you ever noticed how paint wrinkles?

Did it ever happen to you? You apply a beautiful layer of spray paint, brush the right amount of strokes, or use a roller correctly, and allow it to dry, but when you return, the smooth surface has been replaced by wrinkled patches. The question then becomes, why does spray paint wrinkle? Or how did my brush or roller painting result in paint wrinkling?

When you’re done with a renovation, it can be highly frustrating to find your freshly painted walls wrinkled as you were about to put your feet up to rest. However, with a bit of patience, you may be able to fix the problem yourself and learn a few things to prevent these painting issues from occurring when painting a surface in the future.

What is Paint Wrinkling

Paint wrinkling happens when the top layer of paint creases and develops ridges, forming rough skin. This is immediately noticeable to the naked eye and the sense of touch.

What Causes Paint to Wrinkle

1. Excessive application

The paint will wrinkle if it is too thick. Note that thicker paint than your roller covers cannot be applied. Moreover, you should apply high-quality paint in two to three thin layers. For best results, apply thin coats of paint and allow each coat to dry before re-coating.

2. Extreme moisture

If the surface is too warm and moist, it will inevitably result in paint wrinkling. Before beginning your project, dry the area with a cloth or allow the dew or rain to evaporate. Also, ensure that no water remains on the ground after you have finished painting the wall. If using spray paint, allow the surface to dry before proceeding to prevent spray paint wrinkles.

3. Inadequate drying time

The paint will wrinkle if it is not given sufficient time to dry between coats. However, it will become more challenging to fix the issue as time passes. Therefore, you must give each coat of paint at least 24 hours to dry before applying a successive layer.

4. Failure to use a primer

If a primer is not used, the paint will wrinkle as it dries. Although, applying a primer might not be sufficient to ensure that the paint dries appropriately and permanently. It would be best to apply two coats of topcoats, with primers in between, for the best results.

5. Insufficient Rolling

Make sure you’re applying the paint to the wall with even pressure and smooth strokes. When you do not thoroughly roll the paint, it will wrinkle as it dries. Since it provides a smooth surface for your topcoats, this is one of the best ways to fix wrinkled paint.

How to Fix Wrinkled Paint

Remove the paint

To remove paint, use a paint remover of high quality. Most hardware stores sell paint removers, which can prevent you from having to replace your wallpaper. Shake the remover vigorously before use. Pour a small quantity of the liquid onto a clean cloth to apply the paint remover to the painted surface.

Heat Gun

When the paint has already started to dry, a heat gun is an excellent removal tool. You should hold the heat gun about 12 inches away from the paint. To loosen the paint, heat it until air pockets appear. Using a soft brush or scraper, remove the paint from the surface.

Paint with water

If paint wrinkling is caused by water or moisture, you can find a workaround for this problem by applying masking tape over any wet areas and allowing them to dry out before removing the tape. If the wrinkles are already apparent, you could try applying a second coat of paint over the one that has already dried.

Wallpaper is soaked

If your wallpaper is causing the paint to wrinkle, the first step you should take is to remove it. To remove any remaining creases or wrinkles, use the heat gun. A joint compound can also be used if there are still areas that need to be addressed. As a final precaution, wipe down all of your tools before beginning the painting process.

Paint with a High-Quality Material

You can reduce paint wrinkling by using better quality paint. Your surface will stick to the paint better if it’s designed to cover other paints. This can help prevent the paint from peeling and wrinkling. The paint in lower-cost cans isn’t designed to cover multiple surfaces, so it’s more likely to come loose or peel away.

Tips for Preventing Wrinkled Paint

  • Prevent wrinkles by adequately preparing the surface.
  • Before painting, make sure the paint is well mixed.
  • When applying paint, use a soft roller and a soft cloth.
  • The surface should be kept wet while painting, if possible, with a small amount of overlap between each section.
  • Using a roller that moves in the same direction as the paint will help prevent air pockets from accumulating beneath the paint.
  • Use a UV-resistant primer for exterior surfaces or paint in an area that isn’t exposed to direct sunlight.
  • You should paint later in the day when it is cooler to help prevent wrinkles if you are working in a scorching area.
  • Avoid trapping air pockets under the paint by painting with a paintbrush rather than a roller.


In conclusion, if you want to repair paint that has wrinkled and avoid the hassle and expense of having to repaint an entire surface, you should follow these tips. Smooth, wrinkle-free finishes can be achieved on painted surfaces if the wall is properly prepared and the appropriate tools and materials are used in the painting process.

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