What Is Residential Painting?

Residential painting is just another way of saying “house painting” and includes both the house’s interior and exterior areas. There are different painting styles and patterns, depending on the client’s preference. Some might want to be minimalist and therefore only whites, black, or neutral shades might be used, while others might want their houses to shine and employ bright colors.

Conversely, some homeowners want to refresh their house or transform it entirely. As such, they have it repainted. On the other hand, some homeowners choose to regularly have their houses painted to help maintain their beauty. In fact, experts suggest that people have their houses repainted every five to ten years, depending on several factors, such as where you live, the climate and weather, and the previous paint job, especially the quality of materials used.

What Are The Most Common Services Included In Residential
Painting In Sarasota FL?

In residential painting in Sarasota FL, the most common areas to paint are typically the walls, both in the exterior and interior of the house. Although these are easier to paint than in commercial spaces, and the job is generally less intricate, it is important that they are painted perfectly. This is especially true for the exterior because this will be the first thing that people see every day, whether they are visiting or just passing by. However, there are specific places in the house where painting is a lot harder but should still be perfect and flawless. In these instances, it is strongly recommended that you hire a professional residential painter in Sarasota FL who offers services for:


Bedroom Painting

The bedroom is the most personal space in the house, and most people want it to reflect their own personality. It is important to hire someone who can perfectly paint in accordance with your preferences. It is also the place where most people spend their time when they are at home. As such, its paint job must be both pleasing and relaxing to the eye.

Living Room Painting

This part of the house requires more thought and care during painting, as this is the place where visitors are welcomed and received. It should give a positive, lasting impression to whoever enters.

Bathroom Painting

Often one of the smallest parts of the house, most people want their bathroom to look clean and neat, and as such, the paint job should reflect this. Light colors are often preferable because it makes the space look bigger.

Gate Painting

Sometimes, the painting you need is not on the house itself. Your gate or wooden fencing, if you have it, is the first part of the house that people will see as they come onto your property. That is why it is important to make a good first impression. These are just some of the parts of the house where having a nice paint job is important. Overall, a residential painter in Sarasota FL should have a cohesive, coherent, and coordinated design and paint style that can make your home look its most visually appealing.


Materials for Residential

When you tackle the project yourself or hire painters in Sarasota FL to work on your house, residential painting calls for the use of several materials to do a good job, the most important of which is the paint. Remember to always only use quality paint to ensure that it does not easily crack or fade when the weather changes. Good paint also lasts a lot longer, eliminating the need for constant repainting and thereby saving you money. Some of the other essential materials that are needed in residential painting are:

  • Paint brushes or rollers
  • Painting trays
  • Paint pails or buckets
  • Paint scrapers
  • Ladders
  • Primer
  • Sandpaper
  • Rags or cleaning cloths

Residential Painting Process

Here is a simple walkthrough of the process of painting a house:



The first thing to do is to ready the materials as stated above. One of the harder things to do in this step is to pick out what color and style paint you would like the painter to use. Professionals engaged in residential painting in Sarasota FL usually have a catalogue or a list of colors and styles for you to pick.



Once that is done, the next step is for the residential painting contractor to prepare the work area. Any part or item that is not supposed to be painted will be covered. This includes furniture, lights, doors, and the floor. This is because no client wants paint to drip or get where it’s not supposed to be.



After preparing the work area, the surface to be painted will be prepared. This includes removing loose paint, repairing damaged surfaces, smoothening rough surfaces, and applying a primer.



After all of the above steps have been done, it is time to apply the paint. The length of this step depends on the type of surface to be painted and the materials used. After paint is applied, the work area will be cleaned, and the paint should be given time to dry and fully adhere to the surface.

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