Paint Your Home With These Exterior Color Schemes

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Paint Your Home With These Exterior Color Schemes

When choosing the perfect paint color for your home’s exterior, consider having both style and functionality.

Many people get stressed out at the thought of choosing the right exterior color schemes for their homes. This may be because the exterior paint colors play a vital role in setting the overall look and feel of homes. Not to mention that it is also essential to choose durable outdoor house paints as they will be exposed to different weather conditions.

Although choosing the right exterior house color schemes seems difficult, it’s a fun experience to involve yourself in. If you’re planning to paint your newly-built house or repaint the existing one, we’ve prepared a guide for you to check out.

How To Choose Exterior Paint Colors for Your House

Many factors come into play when choosing outdoor house paint colors — some of which are hardscaping, landscaping, and roofing.

To make it easier for you to decide, consider looking at the following tips:

1. Check the Fixed Elements

One of the first things to do when choosing exterior color schemes is to check the fixed elements of your house. Take into consideration the colors of your roof shingles, stonework, tiles, pathway, and driveway. Look for the undertones of their colors to help you decide on which colors to use.

If the fixed elements of your house have warm undertones, consider colors such as rust, beige, brown, and khaki. Paint colors like gray, blue, and black are the best ones for cool undertones.

2. Consider the Architectural Design and Style

Outdoor house paint colors should be appropriate to the architectural style of houses. Can you imagine a house with American Federal architecture design but painted a bright orange color? Just because you don’t need to adhere to design codes doesn’t mean that you will stray too far from them.

If you’re unsure about the ideas you have in mind, consider seeking advice from color consultants or paint experts. These people are the best ones to guide you through the process of choosing the right exterior color scheme for your house.

3. Decide Whether You Want To Stand Out or Blend In

Another thing you have to consider is your home’s exterior color scheme’s would-be relationship with the other houses in your street. Will it stand out or blend in? The choice is yours to make. Lighter hues tend to make houses more appealing and attractive, while darker colors give houses a more dramatic and receding effect.

Keep in mind that there are ways to make your house the center of your neighborhood without being too different in terms of colors.

4. Choose Different Shades and Hues

Exterior schemes have three parts: the field color, which is the dominant one; the accent color, which is for shutters, doors, and other small areas; and the trim color, which is for door and window casings, railings, roof edging, and trims.

Usually, the trim colors are contrasting with the field colors. Darker field colors work harmoniously with lighter trim colors. Similarly, lighter field colors look stunning when paired with darker trim colors. There are also color consultants and paint experts nowadays who opt for a monochromatic color scheme with one or two colors to give houses a modern and elegant look.

5. Try Different Paint Samples

As much as paint chips are helpful, never rely on them alone. If your budget permits, buy small amounts of the paint colors you like. Try them on small and inconspicuous areas of your house. If possible, try observing their appearance during the different times of the day to see if they look well under all lighting conditions.

Painting the exterior of a house is an easy decision to redo, so consider investing a bit more. This will save you more money in the long run.

The Best Exterior Color Schemes for Houses

To give you an idea, here are some of the best exterior color schemes for houses:

  • Blue: If you’re planning to use white as the field color, you can use different shades of blue for the accent and trim colors, bright blue shades for the accent and powder blue for the trim.
  • Neutral: When it comes to neutral color schemes, you have so many options. Beige as the field color looks polished, clean, and elegant when accented with black paint colors. For the trim color, white can do the job flawlessly. Another option you have if you’re 100% decided to go for a neutral color scheme is using the combination of wood colors and charcoal gray.
  • Gray: For houses with a gray field color, using shades of blue as the accent is one of the best options. This makes sense since both fall into the category of cool undertones. To give houses a more stunning appearance, use white as the trim color.
  • Monochromatic: Some people may think that monochromatic color schemes are boring, but they aren’t. If you’ve already chosen the field color, the next thing to do is to identify an accent piece of your home, whether it be your windows or doors, and choose a lighter or darker shade of the main color to paint it with.
  • Green: Houses designed with natural stonework and beige trim will look good when painted with warm shades of green: hunter green and sage green. The combination of these colors gives a nature-inspired look.
  • White: White color schemes never go out of style. They have always been a popular choice for many residential homes as they give a clean look. The key tip for choosing the best shades of white is to observe their appearances under different lighting conditions.

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