How Often Should You Repaint Your House Exterior

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Is your house starting to stand out among the rest of the block? Don’t be proud just yet because it isn’t because of its beauty, but because it’s outdated and in desperate need of a splash of paint.

You might be curious about how often to repaint your house exterior. Keep in mind that regularly painting the house exterior increases its curb appeal and market value.

Remember that regular exterior maintenance can extend the life of exterior paint jobs. Doing this may lower the cost of how much to paint the exterior of the house. Every year, inspect the exterior of your home for cracking, peeling, and moisture damage. You can repair any problems you find and seal the areas that need it. These minor repairs can help you last a little longer between painting jobs.

How Often Does your House Exterior Need to be Repainted?

When their house looks shabby, most people repaint their house exterior. It can take 3 to 20 years, depending on what type of siding you have. Most houses need to be painted every five years on average. It all depends on the paint used for the house exterior, the weather, location, and climate.

  • Brick types should be painted within 15 to 20 years depending on its maintenance and location. Brick houses that don’t have any exterior home painting only require occasional cleaning.
  • Cement fiberboard types can last for 10-15 years without the need to be repainted.
  • Aluminum types paint can be repainted after five years.
  • Stucco types paint can last within five to six years.
  • Wood types can be repainted after three to seven years.

Tell-tale Signs It’s Time to Repaint the House Exterior

1. Wear and Tear

Cracking, peeling, and bubbling are all possible. This is often due to wear and tear, inferior work done by the last contractors, dry rot, mold, or when time and nature begin their work. You can do more damage the longer they sit, which will make them more difficult and costly to fix. These problems of exterior home painting should be addressed immediately.

2. Paint that Fades Over Time

All colors will eventually fade. Exterior fading is one of the best indicators that it’s time for you to repaint your house exterior. Exterior fading can damage your paint job, especially if you have a dark-colored home. The sun’s rays will cause the most visible fading in due time. You may also have water intrusion if you notice that your house is fading on its shady side. For that reason, you should continuously observe the exterior house paint before and after it has been repainted on this side of the house. If it persists, it’s best to ask for professional advice regarding these issues.

3. Cracking Caulk

Caulk can expand and contract with your house. Caulk is used in sealing cracks and areas between doors and windows. It can lose its elastic properties and harden from being exposed to harmful elements. It is time to call in the professionals if you see severe areas of caulk missing, cracked, or hardened.

4. Shrinkage or Gaps

The foundation movement of your house may shift causing your windows and doors to loosen up. You will need to have your home caulked in order to fill in any gaps. An expert will tell you if moisture has penetrated the wood and if there are any problems you need to be concerned about. It would be best if you address any areas where gaps can be seen immediately to prevent more costly repairs before painting the house exterior.

Factors That Ruin the Durability of the House Exterior Paint

Past Contractor’s Painting Job

You might not be able to tell when the last paint job was done on a newly purchased house. It is a brilliant idea to ask about this information as it can help you make an informed decision because the longevity of the paint used in the past matters. This includes the type of paint used for the house exterior, the number of coats, and color. It is also essential to know the last time the house was painted.

Environmental Elements

Your climate and the weather will greatly impact on how long your exterior paint will last. Paint exposed to direct sunlight during the summer will crack and fade faster than paint in a shade. If you live in an area that experiences long, harsh winters and high humidity, the paint may fail faster, and the exterior paint film will age more quickly. You’ll be able to notice these effects when you compare your exterior house paint before and after a few years.

Maintenance of the Home Exterior

It’s all about preventative maintenance and catching problems early. You should inspect your home regularly for signs of wear and tear, mold, dampness, chalkiness, and insect or rodent infestation. These problems need to be addressed immediately before you repaint your house exterior. It will make your paint job last much longer if you keep every aspect in check. Your paint will look great for a long time if you keep up with the general maintenance.

Ideal Type of Paint for Your Home’s Exterior


Acrylic paints are usually made from high-quality ingredients, making them dense and thick. Moreover, chemical-based acrylic paints have a higher degree of elasticity, which means they can contract and expand with temperature fluctuations. Its flexibility makes it an ideal choice to repaint your house exterior.

In addition, acrylic exterior paints are durable and long-lasting. They’re ideal to use on sidings made of wood, aluminum, or cement.


For a cheaper paint option, consider latex. Latex paints can be applied and cleaned up much faster than other exterior paint types. It also dries quickly. Moreover, it is similar to acrylic paint because it also expands at warm temperatures while contracting when it cools down. Don’t forget that exterior and interior latex paints available, so choose the one for outdoor use.

Repaint your house exterior with the help of Jeff Schultz Painting.

Exterior painting can be an arduous job. It’s best to hire professional painters whenever possible. This is the best way to get a high-quality paint job that can last for many years. Book a free estimate with us at House Painters in Sarasota, FL, if you feel it’s high time to update your house exterior anytime soon.

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