Common Mistakes People Make When Choosing Paint Colors

Common Mistakes People Make When Choosing Paint Colors

Painting your home is an effective way to make it look better and brighter. Choosing a paint color may seem like an easy task to do, but it is not as simple as picking paint colors and buying paintbrushes. There are a lot of things to consider before painting your interior walls.  

Picking the right shade that will cover the whole room, one that you will have to live with for years, is a hard decision to make. There are hundreds of shades and textures to choose from. Simply looking at a single paint chip or sample is not enough to imagine it as the color of a room. Because of our lack of imagination, we are bound to make a lot of mistakes when choosing.

Here are some of the common mistakes people make, how to avoid them, and tips for choosing paint colors:

1. Picking the Color First

Picking the right paint color may seem like the first thing to do, but it should actually be one of the last things you do. You will want to see how the fabrics and furniture in the living space look first before picking the paint color that will match them all. Don’t forget to take in to consideration how natural and artificial light affects the whole feel of the room. There are some colors that don’t look appealing under different lights. What you can do is plan the layout of the room and then choose the right color that will go well with the design and feel you’re looking for.

2. Picking a Bright Color

Most people, when they want the room to appear welcoming and bright, pick the brightest shade they see. Although a bright colored lamp or furniture will definitely do the trick, combining it with a bright-colored wall will make it seem too strong and unpleasant to look at. Knowing how to choose paint colors means being able to match all the elements of the room. If you want to use a bright color for the wall, use a neutral color with the furnishings of the room. Decide which part of the room you want to focus on, and let everything else support it.

3. Not Considering the Room Decor 

The furnishings and decoration of the room is what completes the feel of any room. Evaluating the color scheme of your furniture at different times of day will help you see how the color will look under natural and artificial light. If you just moved into a living space, try to add one or two furniture pieces before you select the paint color, so that you will be sure the color will work.

4. Forgetting the Essence of the Room

Some people think that painting their room with one particular color just because they like it is enough. They sometimes match the paint color with their favorite color. This will make them lose sight of the essence of the room. The main goal of redesigning and painting the room is to make it seem more relaxing and calm or bright and welcoming. Understanding the psychological effects of color combinations is crucial when deciding how to choose paint colors for your home interior.

5. Picking Too Many Paint Colors

Most people have one goal in mind when repainting or redesigning their home interior: to make it bright and vibrant. However, in the pursuit of having a vibrant room, you can make the mistake of adding too many paint colors, making it look disarrayed. If you want your home interior to be pleasant to look at, it needs texture and contrast. Focus on the color scheme and use up to three or four colors only.

6. Ignoring Trends

In previous years, bright paint colors were the trend, but with all the recent modern innovations, black tones and metallic colors are the latest trends. If you have a hard time choosing paint colors, stick with neutral and pastel colors. Black and gray are perfect for elegant designs, hot orange for a more homey feel, and light colors for a brighter and more vibrant design. 

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