9 Tips for Painting Wood Paneling

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9 Tips on Painting Wood Paneling

Most of you probably have some type of wood paneling or shiplap at home. These are some of the most common and preferred designs among both homeowners and architects. For the longest time, people have been asking the question, “can you paint wood paneling?” The simple answer is yes! However, there are some types of wood paneling that you wouldn’t want to paint such as high-quality solid wood paneling since you won’t be able to go back and remove the paint if you have a change of heart.

For most, painting wood paneling in their homes adds a nice touch of color. However, the paint can often become faded or crack over time. In such cases, you probably want to know how to paint wood paneling to make it look good again. Or maybe you’re just tired of the old color and looking to redecorate and give your home a new, brighter and more modern look.

How To Paint Wood Paneling: Steps and Tips

If you decide on painting wood paneling in your house, be sure to follow the proper procedure so that it is done the right way. To help you, we have listed the steps you need to take as well as some tips that might help you along the way.

Take Some Time to Prepare

While painting wood paneling at home might not be that hard to do, you must be properly prepared when undertaking such a task. Because if it is done incorrectly, your effort would be wasted, because you will end up with an uneven paint job and have to redo everything. As such, make sure to prepare the proper materials needed before you start and to learn the proper procedure by asking those who know how to paint wood paneling, researching online or watching some videos.

Clean Your Wood Paneling

Before painting wood paneling, you have to make sure you clean it first. Get a damp cloth or rag and wipe off any dust or dirt. Be sure to reach into the inner parts of your panel as this is where most dirt is usually accumulated. If any dirt is not removed after wiping, you can apply a mild cleaning solution and then wipe it with a damp rag. Just be sure that the surface is dry before painting wood paneling.

Fix Any Imperfections in Your Wood Paneling

Before proceeding, check for any holes or imperfections in your wood paneling. If there are any, you can use spackling compound and spread it over them. Allow the putty to dry and don’t worry about the color as this will be covered with paint.

Use Sandpaper on Your Wood Paneling

By using sandpaper, you are removing the sheen off the finish and allowing paint to stick to the surface better. For this step, you have to sand your paneling down to bare wood.

Remove the Trim

If your trim’s color will be different from your wood paneling, then remove it using a pry bar. If not, then you should lightly sand the wood trim that is adjacent to your baseboards to allow paint to stick better. After doing so, get a damp rag and wipe off any dirt or dust on your trim.

Seal Up Cracks

Next, you have to check for any cracks in areas where your wood paneling meets with the baseboard, ceiling, or any doors or windows. If there are any, apply some caulk to seal these cracks and prevent any leakage or insects or rats from getting through them.

Prepare Your Work Area

This might perhaps be the most important thing to do before you start painting wood paneling. You have to make sure that the floor, the ceiling, doors, windows and other areas not to be painted are protected and covered. You surely don’t want any paint to get on areas it shouldn’t. Get a tarp or a plastic sheet or some used paper and painter’s tape to cover up these areas before painting your wood paneling.

Apply Primer

Now you can start painting your wood paneling by applying two thin coats of stain-blocking primer. This is to prevent and help hide any imperfections so that they won’t be seen in the final coat of paint.

Paint Your Wood Paneling

Finally, it’s time to coat your wood paneling with your chosen paint. Be sure not to make your coat too thick. After your first coat has dried, lightly sand the surface before applying your second coat. You can go for a third coat as well, but be sure to lightly sand the surface again before doing so. Painting wood paneling in your house or room can easily give it a new style and bring out that vibe you like. Should you ever need a professional residential painter in Sarasota for your wood panels, don’t hesitate to give us a call at Jeff Schultz Painting!

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