8 Tips for Decorative Wall Painting at Home

8 Tips for Decorative Wall Painting at Home

Are you tired of looking around your house and always want to change something to make it more lively and interesting? Do you ever want to add more texture and personality to your rooms? DIY wall decor painting is the best way to make your walls beautiful with a twist of creativity and art. Design your bare walls with the best painting techniques and get the best results with a little paint, and a whole lot of creativity and imagination.

Decorative wall painting techniques come in handy when you need to redecorate your living room or make the spare bedroom ready for a family member. If you know the right techniques, decorating your walls can be easy, fun, and cheap. If you are bored at home and want to do something worthwhile, wall painting can be your fun escape. You can mix and match different colors and look for more color and design ideas to decorate your walls with.

When entering a certain room, the first thing people notice are normally the furniture and other appliances. The wall can sometimes be the least noticeable area of any room because of how dull it sometimes is. Learn how to decorate your walls with paint to make them stand out. Here are the best decorative wall painting techniques you can easily apply at home.

1. Metallic   

One of the best choices of paint you can use to draw more attention to the wall of any room is metallic paint. With its creative and unique color, you can impress your guests and add a stylish twist to your room. As complicated as it looks, metallic paint is actually effortless to apply. You can paint the entire room with metallic paint, or you can simply make one area stand out. The choices are endless.

2. Polka Dots   

Add a fun and playful twist as you redecorate your wall with cute designs. Polka dots are simple, easy to do, and fun to look at, making it perfect for any bedroom. It may take more time painting the wall with a polka dot design rather than with a simple color, but it will absolutely be worth it just to see the pretty colors of this unique design.

3. Patterned   

Imagine yourself as a famous painter trying to make new art on a blank canvass. DIY wall decor painting is very much like that. Patterned paintings are like painting abstract art because you can add all kinds of shapes and layers to it. You can design it with the same shapes or with unique ones with all different sizes. Patterned paintings have a lot of potential and can really spark your artistic mind.

4. Color Wash   

If you want to add texture and personality to your living area, you can use the color wash technique. Perfect for adding a warm and homey feel to the wall, you can mix and match different colors and find the perfect combination you are looking for. You can finally have an aesthetic feel in your own home with minimum effort.

Color washing is a decorative wall painting technique that aims to express depth and character to a blank space. You can apply lighter shades over solid paint colors or simply mix it together. Another way is picking two different colors and bringing them together without actually mixing them. Experiment with the colors and you will be surprised with the results of your art.

5. Strié   

Strié is a painting technique that produces horizontal and vertical lines and makes them look like linen. With the warm feel this design can bring to your home, it is absolutely breathtaking and elegant at the same time.

6. Sponging   

This technique can be applied in two different ways. You can paint the wall with any solid color of your choice, then pick another color of the same shade, and use a sponge to create artistic effects in the paint. Another way to do this is to use a dark paint and then use a dry sponge to absorb some of the paint in order to produce a beautiful design.

This is perfect for those who want a simple yet unique design for their living space.

7. Rag Rolling   

Almost the same as sponging, rag rolling produces a unique design that will tickle the mind of anyone looking at it. Simply roll a rag across the wet paint to add design and texture. If done correctly, you will be left with creative color schemes and textures. Perfect for small rooms, this technique will make the room appear bigger and less cramped.

8. Harlequin   

If you want to add life and fun to your walls, use this wall decor painting idea. Harlequin is perfect for sophisticated households that want a more vibrant and lively feel in their interior. Perfect for the dining room or kitchen, you can only expect fun and happy memories with this design.

Decorative painting is a fun and brain-tickling activity. Mixing colors and producing different designs and combinations can really take a lot of time from your day. As the best residential painter in Sarasota, Jeff Schultz can help you with advanced decorative wall painting techniques. You can now enjoy the elegant feel of a decorative wall in your own home. Contact us now!

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